“A great cast of characters … Fellini-ish”

—Lucia Berlin

"A masterful collection laced with dark humor, aching grief and great tenderness. Geoghegan’s stories take us around the world, from a beach house on the Atlantic all the way to Bali and Rome and the quiet power of her voice reaches both heart and bone.”

—Francesca Marciano, author of The Other 

Language,  Rules of The Wild, and 

The End of Manners



"If Lucia Berlin is early Patti Smith, then Elizabeth Geoghegan is Blondie and Joan Jett and Florence and the Machine in one big literary sandwich.” 

—Susan Bradley Smith, author of The Postcult Heart, The Screaming Middle, and Beds

For All Who Come

"Geoghegan's eloquently told stories examine themes of loneliness, sex, addiction, and grief through the lens of unfamiliar cultures and languages. The thread that holds it all together is Geoghegan's cool, articulate demeanor and masterful writing." 


—Kirkus Reviews